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LCBS 2017 Final Bluebird Trail Report The bluebirds are starting to reappear after being absent since August. After they finish nesting, they usually vanish to who-knows- where and return in early October to the box they called home from April through mid-August. By mid-October, they usually leave for their southern winter home. Soon, we can clean out the nest boxes so they return in April to a clean home. How nice to have someone clean your house for you! This year, 16 monitors sent in final Bluebird Trail Reports. Thanks to everyone who monitored this year and, especially, those who sent weekly reports to me. Monitoring a trail takes commitment and dedication. The results give us information about the status of the bluebird population in Lafayette County, Wisconsin. One report is from Walworth County, thanks Tammy! A total of 631 bluebirds fledged from the trails. Roughly three bluebirds fledged per box of the 203 boxes reported. Some folks count swallows, wrens and chickadees and some don't. I encourage everyone to send in their trail data to the Bluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin. Their form can be found at If you want to join in on the fun of monitoring a bluebird trail, email your trail report to me weekly at starting in early April. Until next year...Happy Bluebirding everyone!

Here is the final report for 2017

Neumann Trail
We have three boxes and only wren nests, no matter how often we clean out the sticks. We'rebummed.

Augustine Trail
16 boxes
37 bluebirds fledged
26 wrens fledged
4 tree swallows fledged

McDaniel Trail
4 boxes
2 boxes used by bluebirds
21 bluebird eggs
21 bluebirds hatched
15 bluebirds fledged
5 wrens fledged
One box was used by wrens. Sparrows tried to nest but were unsuccessful. Six bluebird nestlings died after a crop duster sprayed the neighboring farm field.

Country Roads Trail
26 boxes in use: (4 are in my driveway waiting to be repaired.)
16 boxes used by bluebirds
63 Eastern Bluebird eggs
54 Eastern Bluebirds hatched
35 Eastern Bluebirds fledged
7 Tree Swallows fledged
39 House Wrens fledged
I lost 4 bluebirds and 6 wrens in flood waters.

Fever River Trail
64 boxes
50 used by bluebirds
378 bluebird eggs
308 bluebird young
270 bluebirds fledged
0 tree swallows fledged
0 chickadees fledged
92 house wrens fledged

Austin Trail
1 box
5 bluebird eggs
5 bluebird young
5 bluebirds fledged

Schultz Trail
3 boxes
6 bluebird eggs
6 bluebird young
6 bluebirds fledged
Wrens occupied all 3 houses for rest of summer. 2 majestic bald eagles perching frequently in dead tree 1/2 mile east of our place. We enjoyed frequent viewings of bobolinks & meadowlarks on Burr Oak Road.

Klenke Trail
17 boxes
50 bluebirds fledged
1 box had wrens
2 boxes had House Sparrows but they left

Jones Trail
18 bluebirds fledged

Lindell Trail
3 boxes
1 box used by bluebirds
2 bluebird nests
10 bluebird eggs
10 bluebird young
5 bluebirds fledged
Have three BB boxes, only one had BBs, one w/sparrow problems and one taken over by a wren. The first hatch of BB young did not survive but the 2nd hatch of 5 eggs, hatched and fledged.

Hess Trail
26 boxes
19 boxes used by bluebirds
133 bluebird eggs
110 bluebird young
81 bluebirds fledged
12 Tree Swallows fledged
0 chickadees fledged
5 House Wrens fledged

Moody Trail
10 boxes
8 boxes used by bluebirds
53 bluebird eggs
48 bluebird young
45 bluebirds fledged

Yellowstone Lake State Park Trail
20 boxes
14 bluebird nests
39 bluebird eggs
33 bluebird young
28 bluebirds fledged
6 Tree Swallow nests
18 Tree Swallow eggs
11 Tree Swallow young
5 Tree Swallows fledged
1 chickadee nest
8 chickadee eggs
8 chickadees hatched
8 chickadees fledged
7 wren nests
The Tree Swallows were dominant on this trail this year. The bluebirds had to take the back seat. However, there were a lot of Tree Swallow young fatalities. I didn't count the wren eggs or young. There were probably more bluebirds fledged from this trail in August but I wasn't able to monitor it after July.

Erickson Wetlands North Prairie Trail
8 boxes
6 boxes used by bluebirds
25 bluebird eggs
25 bluebirds eggs hatched
25 bluebirds fledged
7 Tree Swallows fledged
5 House Wrens fledged

Vlasak Trail
2 boxes
1 box used by bluebirds (bluebirds always use the same one)
2 nestings
6 bluebird eggs
6 bluebird young
6 bluebirds fledged
Seeing bluebirds now and then at the water.

Pettijohn Trail (Walworth County)
3 boxes
10 bluebird eggs
10 bluebird young
5 bluebirds fledged
5 bluebirds died before fledging